Super Stoked

Well I couldn’t be more excited this morning. Yesterday I spent the better half of my day going through old FS footage and videos and coming up with my own ideas for new projects. I also checked out some of their YouTube Trends and Google Trends to figure out whose watching our videos and how they’re going viral.

While I was sitting down pouring ideas out onto a word document, I couldn’t help but get excited for today, as to I get to go out onto the farm today and do some filming and photography. I already know that this is going to be an amazing day. I haven’t been out in the animal pens since my orientation last Wednesday, so this will be very fun. I love getting to see all of the animals enjoying their lives here.

When I wasn’t racking my brain yesterday, I also got to go through some of the old intern books, which are books filled with photos and writings of past interns. They were pretty interesting, funny, and really inspirational. I couldn’t find a one person who hadn’t said that this experience has greatly changed them and I already know that I’m feeling like a different bird. Some of the pages that stuck out to me were filled with funny suggestions, quotes, and artwork. I shall share a few of these with you.

Now, I have never personally been a big fan of Emily Dickinson’s work, but I liked this quote


“If I can stop one heart from breaking,

I shall not live in vain;

If I can ease one life the aching,

or cool one pain,

or help one fainting robin into his nest

Unto his nest again,

I shall not live in vain.”


Something about this poem just really struck me, it hits close to home.

Another quote that I really enjoyed was:


“Look to Nature always.

Let the animals teach you.

and remember…that time was running out for each of

these animals. Someone saved them. You can too.” -Ahimsa


This made me think about why each of us interns are here. We are all here because somewhere in our minds something clicked. It’s a like a switch that gets turned on, and suddenly you view what you’ve been doing in another way. Life isn’t always what it seems. That switch unlocks a deeper emotion and a connection to the living things around you. Suddenly you find yourself not being able to do something that you’ve always turned a blind eye to. It’s like removing the horse-blinders is what I call it. Once you do that, you see a whole other world, not just what is in front of you.

In the greater scheme of things, each of us here having this experience is here to do something and to change something that we don’t agree with. Were here for the animals because they don’t have voices. Most of the animals here at the farm were running out of time, their lives were in the hands of humans, and most have experienced incredibly cruelty. But they were saved by people who had questioned the animal’s livelihood, and those animals are now free to be beings who enjoy the sun, the snow, companionship, and love.

On a lighter note, I did find a page of helpful hints from an intern, my personal favorite was “You must watch “Army of Darkness”. Although this was written back in 1999, I was somehow hoping that it was one of the many VHS tapes on the shelf at the house here, but I didn’t see it, unfortunately. I was completely in the mood to watch it here.

Yesterday we also go to meet Dr. Allan Kornberg, who is the executive director here at FS. He was a really great guy with lots of knowledge. We all had a very in-depth discussion over lunch, which was provided by the intern coordinator; squash soup, bread, and greens!

Any who, today is going to be a very exciting day. I’m so happy to be here and to be working on projects that are hopefully going to reach a larger audience. It’s a good day to be alive.


(Pictures:Food!, Intern books, & my favorite little FS dog, she’s a wonderful sight at the office!; Kittah also decided she wanted to help me write this morning)

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