Snowfall at Farm Sanctuary


Well this weekend it finally snowed! So much so that I decided not to take my car out anywhere, so although I didn’t get to go explore Ithaca again or hit up some new local trails, I did get to go out and photograph the farm as well as hang out with some pretty rad beings, which was just as exciting.


Also Friday night I went and hung out at Rooster Fish where I struck up conversation with some pretty interesting locals. I found out some cool hot spots that I need to check out, as well as tons of trails around the area that I didn’t even know existed. There just isn’t enough time to do all the things I want to do! From what I hear though, the area between Watkins Glen and Ithaca is pretty progressive and there are lots of like-minded people around here. It’s nice to be somewhere where you can just strike up a good conversation with someone. I don’t feel like I’ve ever had that back home. This place definitely has a different vibe to it, and I love it.


Saturday, my housemate’s friend came to visit, who just so-happened to have been working with film for the past seven years. So of course I had to pick his brain about how to get started with documentary work. Ever since I graduated here this past December, I’ve really wanted to get started on my documentary, but I never knew where to start. I had been waiting to take that next dive, but not knowing where to begin. Now I feel like after a few hours of chit-chatting with someone whose been there, I now have the resources to get started on my big project. The universe is a strange bird, you never know who your going to meet and where it’s going to take you. I however cannot wait to start planning my documentary. It’s a good day to be alive again.


Today I am going to work on finishing up the FS Valentine’s Day segment. After some technical difficulties, I’m hoping to get a good piece put together today. Then hopefully I will take some more time to go chill with the creatures and photograph some more. Enjoy the photos!

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