Los Angeles Trip 6/21/12-6/25/12

I was fortunate enough to have the following four days after my business trip off, that I decided to drive back to the L.A. the very same night that I came back to Independence from our trip. I went down and stayed with a friend and got to do some real exploring on L.A. Wow is all I can say.

Being in downtown L.A. at night is a whole trip within itself. I enjoyed the people-watching and just exploring the city. I loved going up to Griffith Park and getting to go to the observatory up there. Looking down over the city was also pretty cool. It still amazes me that it is the mecca that it is, when looking around, it appears as though there is little more than desert. The little coyote in the photos popped out of nowhere while we were driving around the Hollywood Hills. He stood in the road and stared at us for awhile before some cops on bicycles scared him away.

I especially enjoyed walking around the Santa Monica Pier at night. The ocean was beautiful and the water was relaxing. As much as I enjoy my internship, it was nice to get away from the desert for a little while. I was totally excited to see a “Zoltar” machine as well. Can you say “Big”! I must say my fortune hasn’t been too far from the truth as well.

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