A weekend in the Valley 7/23/12-7/24/12

Despite living in the desert of Independence, CA, I have yet to get bored. There is always something to go and do. Here are a few shots I took from some of my days off. The view from behind my work at Manzanar is absolutely spectactular. The clouds hovering over the Sierra Mountains was just amazing that day. I also took some time to go up to Mammoth Lakes, CA in hopes of finding employment. That place has to be one of the most beautiful spots in California. It is always refreshing to see so much foliage and lakes all in one place. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I also drove around the desert in between Mazourka Canyon in Independence.

Closer to home, I have a large herd of horses and mules living near my place. I paid them a visit as I have been missing being around horses. Last summer I spent almost 3 months in Minnesota studying and living among Ojibwe Native Americans. After my three week class with Penn State, I went back and lived with an Ojibwe native who was kind enough to take me in. He happened to live on a wild horse ranch. I loved being around these amazing creatures. The are so gentle and intelligent and definitely taught me a lot about myself. It was relaxing to head over to the field near my place after work and see all these horses and mules trying to stay cool in the shade. A handful of them came over to greet me.

I also had the pleasure of having a bat in my house on my day off. I went to bed one night and awoke to a ruckus in my house. I told myself that either I had a giant spider move in, or something was flopping around my place. As soon as I turned the light on I saw this little guy flapping around my room. I’m not sure how he got in, but he picked the right house to get trapped in, as I was not about to chase him around with a broom and kill him. Back in Pennsylvania, one of my favorite summer past times is going to watch this bat colony of 30,000 fly out of a church owned by the local State Park. I gently captured this little guy in a bowl and released him back out in the wild, which I’m sure made us both equally happy.