Mammoth Lakes Area Photography 5-29-12

Here is a collection of photos I took while up in Mammoth Lakes, CA. There are also some shots of Convict Lake and the surrounding areas.

Open Mic Night in Bishop, CA 5-26-12

Here is a collection of photos I took on my way up to Bishop, CA. There is an Open Mic Night up in  there that a couple buddies of mine play music at. I finally received my battery charger for my camera, so I was very happy to be taking some nicer shots again. Although the light was low inside the shop, I have been enjoying having my camera back once more.

Kearsarge Pass Hike 5-22-12

A few friends, Hannah the dog, and I all went hiking up to the Kearsarge Pass in Onion Valley. It was a very intense 11 mile hike, but it was definitely worth it. The view from the top was absolutely amazing. Not to mention, seeing snow was very exciting for me. These are just a few of the shots I took from the trip.

Hike to Robinson Lake in Onion Valley 5-15-12

This is a collection of photos I took from a hike I did yesterday up in Onion Valley. A buddy of mine and his dog Hannah and I went on a long “trail” up to the top of one of the ridges to Robinson Lake. This was the most grueling hike I have ever been on it, but it was totally worth it. We ascended over 1,000 feet in elevation up to the top. The view from above was absolutely amazing. It was just stunning to be in a place that looked nearly untouched. There were no signs of any human life at the top which was magnificent. It was quite beautiful. Not to mention, playing in the water was blast, and Hannah had an amazing time.

Mammoth Lakes, Mono Lake & Death Valley 4/30/12-5/1/12

On my days off I decided to go exploring some of the surrounding areas. I went up north to Mammoth Lakes and to see Mono Lake on April 30th. Then on May 1st, I swung down south to Death Valley then over to Ridgecrest and came back up to Independence.