Watkins Glen Gorge Photography

Yesterday I spent the better part of the day hitting up shops downtown in Wakins Glen, then heading over to see the Gorge. It was such a great sight! I cannot get over how big and beautiful it was. While I was there, I stood over the suspension bridge in awe for a very long time. I then took a stroll down “Lover’s Lane” which had really magnificient views, I could see how they got the name very easily.

After that, I took the Indian trail straight out and went exploring. There are so many beautiful overlooks to check out. Also once I got to the top, I noticed a small American flag sticking out of the ridge. I deviated from the path, only to find a cemetery at the top of the hill. I really couldn’t get over how awesome it was up there. After 2.5 hours later and 426 photographs, I was very content! Here are just some of the many photographs that I took yesterday.

As for today, the sun is out and coffee is in the air. I’m trying really hard not to give in. Enjoy the photography!